SATIN SKIN™ is an all natural liquid moisturizer comprised of six powerful ingredients that work together to promote radiant, healthy skin. 


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Created by renowned beauty expert Susan Giordano

For many years it has been the first step in creating the beautiful images that Susan has designed for the pages of prestigious fashion and beauty publications.​

​It makes a wonderful base for makeup application and the bright, fresh aroma induces a feeling of well being. 

Until recently, Satin Skin™ has been quietly enjoyed by models, editors and other fashion insiders.  We are pleased to make this wonderful product available to all who seek a healthy, glowing complexion. 





Satin Skin™ graphic design

by Little Fish Studio NYC

"After many years of studying aromatherapy and natural skin care, I created Satin Skin™, a liquid moisturizer made with six natural and very powerful ingredients.  It's the first thing that goes on anyone who sits in my chair.  Satin Skin™ imparts an immediate healthy glow to the skin.  Never greasy, it is easily absorbed.  A few drops is all it takes for a smoother, firmer skin". 

Renowned Beauty Expert Susan Giordano